About Vitzo

Vitzo is productivity, e-learning and file conversion software development company that specializes in SaaS products.

We are remote team of professionals that are proud to develop tools that make everyone's life easier!

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The story behind how our company started

What started as a tiny freelancing company... After two years Vitzo acquired the first product in 2009 and had 3 different video downloaders by the end of 2010. In 2014 company made some asset diversification and Vitzo had more than 7 different projects running before the 2020.

2021 started with a burst of expansion, both team and product range has been growing ever since!

“Our goal is to be the leader in productivity, e-learning and file conversion software”

Meet our team

Working in Vitzo means using your skills on multiple products and helping the team with your skillset, while wearing multiple hats!

Ken D.

Ken founded Vitzo back in 2007... And the rest is history!

Diogo G.

Can't do something or don't know what to do? Diogo is a one-man army of problem-solving solutions. Be careful what you ask for because it might be solved in a matter of minutes!

Gabriel S.

With the expansion of our team, we needed to change the way we work as a team... Thank god Gabriel joined and started improving our workflow!

Project Manager
Alex S.

Alex is one of the first developers to join Vitzo back in 2009. He still works as a lead developer for many of our products... And we couldn't be happier to have him!

.NET Developer & Project Manager
Alex D.

Lead developer of SafeShare, Alex is a valuable part of our team since 2015.

Full-stack Web Developer
Alex R.

Another Alex, another great developer that Vitzo is proud to have! Alex is a full-stack developer.

Web Developer
Eli S.

What would we do without Eli? He tests, edits, tries, helps, and does whatever is needed. Whenever it's needed!

Ernesto C.

Product Owner of ScreenLink and ScreenClip, Ernesto is our machinegun when it comes to all-things-design. He's not only our Lead Designer but also the Product Manager!

Product Manager
Alan B.

The Lead of ClipClip Marketing, Alan is a swiss knife on all things web design, UI/UX, and marketing campaigns.

UI/UX Designer and Marketer
Mauricio G.

Mauricio joined Vitzo in 2020. He's one of the UI/UX designers working on ScreenClip and ScreenLink.

UI/UX Designer
Yaroslav D.

Yaroslav is the Lead Developer of ClipClip at Vitzo.

.NET Developer
Isaias V.

If you ever contacted us for help, within any of Vitzo products... Chances are Isaias replied to you and solved your problem!

Customer Support Specialist
Omar D.

With so many different products and so many social channels to post on... Omar is Vitzo's Social Media voice!

Social Media Manager
Aiva K.

With so many things to write and optimize, Aiva is Vitzo's user-facing content strategist. On-page SEO and great content are what Aiva is focused on at Vitzo every day!

Content Manager
Lucy N

Lucy ensures that all of our customers' needs and concerns are met and that they are all satisfied.

Customer Support Specialist
Vuk S.

Vuk joined our team in 2023. He tests software quality by analyzing products, releases and reporting bugs.

Quality Assurance Tester
Faran H.

Faran joined Vitzo in early 2023. He is one of the developers on the VideoLink team.

.NET Developer
Nsisong E.

Nsisong is our human resources manager who ensures all the hiring and onboarding processes are top notch.

HR Manager and Recruiter

Our values

Being a fully remote company with so many different products, we encourage our team to take ownership in their tasks and goals!

Independent Work & Creative Freedom

Have an idea? Great, we run on great ideas!

Shared Ownership & Responsility

"We" are Vitzo!

User Oriented & Data Driven Decisions

Every good feature starts with a good user story!

Teamwork & Positive Mindset

Let's work together, power-up our synergy, and be open to change.