Best clipboard manager on the market, ClipClip changes how you work! ClipClip remembers anything you ever copied and allows you to take screenshots or record your screen.

What is ClipClip?

ClipClip is you windows clipboard manager and much more. ClipClip remembers everything you ever copied, while also allowing you to capture, record, edit, covert and apply many other actions to the information you copy or screenshot.

ClipClip is a productivity tool that has hundreds of different active mini-tools, which is why most users get that get used to using ClipClip - can't imagine their work without it!

ClipClip Features

Listing out all ClipClip features can be almost impossible, but here's some highlights of what ClipClip can do:

  • Remember and organize everything you ever copied
  • Paste anything you copied in the past
  • Screenshot or record (GIF or MP4) your screen or parts of the screen
  • Edit or convert text and images before pasting them (100+ different modifiers)
  • Extract text from images (OCR) and paste them
  • Hundreds of other amazing functions, give it a try if you haven't!

ClipClip History

ClipClip is one of the oldest software tools on our hands. What started it's journey as a simple clipboard manager that is no different than any other, soon grew into a feature full productivity tool that can do much more than just save your clipboard history. ClipClip was active as early as 2012 and got a major improvement around 2016. The new generation ClipClip as we know it today, got revamped in 2020.