SafeShare is a educational video sharing tool for schools, parents and teachers that allows children to watch videos without distractions.

What is SafeShare?

SafeShare is a video sharing platform for teachers, schools and parents. It allows teachers and parents to show videos to their children or class, without any distractions.

SafeShare Features

SafeShare is a platform that aims to help teachers and parents protect children online and provides a set of valuable video sharing tools. Most users use SafeShare for:

  • Change titles and descriptions of videos before sharing them with children
  • Remove ads and any other distractions from videos
  • Make playlists
  • Share videos with circles of children at once
  • Other valuable tools that protect children from dangerous information online

SafeShare History

SafeShare platform is almost as old as Vitzo. SafeShare has been around for over a decade and it helped millions of children be safer on the internet.