ScreenClip is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to screenshot, annotate and comment on pictures, before you share them with your friends or colleagues!

What is ScreenClip?

ScreenClip is a free Chrome extension that works in synchronization with ScreenLink.

ScreenClip Features

ScreenClip allows users to take screenshots inside their browser. Here's a few things you can do with ScreenClip:

  • ScreenShot a part or whole screen
  • Capture a whole webpage (or part of it)
  • Send your clips or screenshots directly to ScreenLink
  • Copy link of your capture (ScreenLink link)

ScreenClip History

ScreenClip has been developed in combination with ScreenLink. It has been always designed to be a support tool for ScreenLink. Development of this tool started in 2019 and the beta version was launched to the public in 2020.