ScreenLink is a visual information-sharing platform that allows you to capture, annotate, comment on and edit pictures online together with your team (or alone!). ScreenLink is a perfect visual annotation solution that has a web app and Chrome extension!

What is ScreenClip?

ScreenClip is annotation, web screenshot capture and visual collaboration tool that allows you to communicate with your team about any type of visual files. ScreenLink is a perfect solution for teams that have to tweak and edit all sorts of visual assets and images.

ScreenClip Features

ScreenClip allows users to take screenshots inside their browser and edit them online inside our web app. Here's a few things you can do with ScreenClip:

  • Annotate and comment on web images
  • Draw and edit images inside ScreenClip
  • Send screenshot links to your team or anyone on the internet
  • Screen capture a part or whole screen
  • Capture a whole webpage (or part of it)
  • Send your clips or screenshots directly to you personal online "scrapbook" or "moodboard" folder
  • Copy link of your capture and share it with anyone

ScreenLink History

ScreenClip is a relatively new product within Vitzo software ecosystem. Production of both ScreenLink and ScreenClip started in 2019 and beta versions have been launched in 2020, later ScreenLink and ScreenClip has been merged into single product called ScreenClip in early 2023.